Your chance to save Tudor building near Boston

Join the campaign to save The Old King's Head (pictured). EMN-171016-130156001
Join the campaign to save The Old King's Head (pictured). EMN-171016-130156001

The future of a former inn near Boston which dates back to the 1500s is in your hands.

The Old King’s Head, in Kirton, is one of the borough’s most historic buildings, but is sadly at risk.

A bid was launched last week by Heritage Lincolnshire - a charity which works to ensure that Lincolnshire’s heritage is understood, valued and conserved - to give the Tudor building a new lease of life.

Justine Taylor, campaigns and fundraising officer at Heritage Lincolnshire, said: “The building is now vulnerable due to many years without the kind of intervention that such an old buildings requires.

“The history belongs to the people that live in Lincolnshire, but could be lost forever without your help.”

A crowdfunding campaign has been set up to finance the next stage of the project, which is estimated to cost more than £2.1 million to save the building’s structure alone.

The charity is asking for people to make a donation, which can range from sponsoring a brick, to £50 or even £500.

Gifts and prizes are available once people have donated as a thank you from the charity.

Heritage Lincolnshire, which purchased The Old Kings’s Head in 2016, hope that by 2020 the building will be able to serve as a deli, bespoke bed and breakfast, and community space.

To help save The Old King’s Head, visit

Justine said: “It is down to all of us, to save The Old King’s Head.”