Your opportunity to get involved with Die Hanse


A public meeting is being held to see how we can use Boston’s wealthy and exciting past to bring new opportunities for future prosperity.

In July, the town joined the New Hanseatic League, Die Hanse, which was established in 1980, led by the city of Lubeck. It now comprises 185 towns across northern Europe.

It is anticipated that membership of Die Hanse will bring commercial and business opportunities, as well as boosting interest in Boston’s history and culture, which in turn will enhance tourism and the visitor economy.

The Hanse Business Forum offers members support to develop export markets and has a database of the Hanse Economic Area and the businesses within it. It has a combined population of 300 million - and Boston is now part of it 
and the opportunities it brings.

In medieval times Boston port was second only to London in importance, being the country’s leading exporter of wool and trading widely with the Hanseatic states. It was the wealth generated by this wool trade that financed the building of Boston Stump.

Young people, schools and colleges can get involved with the Youth Hanse and the opportunities it offers to develop cultural links and exchanges.

A spokesman for the Boston Hanse Group said: “Now we need to go forward and bring in as many local people as possible to help with this new venture.”

To find out more you are encouraged to attend the meeting at Boston Guildhall on Thursday, February 11, 5.30pm refreshments for 6pm start.