A clean and friendly shopping experience

I HAVE been intrigued by the recent campaign in the Boston Standard re the exposing of those persons who choose to litter the streets of our town. I must admit to supporting this.

Unfortunately, there are two sides to this - one positive which is to name and shame, the other is negative as it portrays Boston as a litter zone, although people are trying very hard to do something to stop it.

On the other side of the coin we should also promote Boston at its best.

I am a frequent visitor to the town and would like to pass comment on the areas I visit on average two to three times each week.

I frequently shop in Pescod Square and the Boston Shopping Park, now Morrison’s is there, and I must say, the litter/chewing gum problem does not seem to exist in either of these two places. What’s the difference, you may well ask?

Well it’s simple, more often than not you see the staff employed there constantly tidying up and removing the litter.

They are always busy as well as being friendly and approachable and are always helpful. Even when I leave Gala Bingo at 10pm there is somebody there to wish me good night, making sure I’m safe and tidying up.

This is something both they and Boston should be very proud of. It’s a pleasure to shop in these areas of town and from my experience and no doubt many others these are the areas of our town that are always at their best and something we should look to promote and be very proud of. Take a look next time you go to town, you’ll see what I mean!