A fabulous day, full of diversity

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SUNDAY, July 15, 2012, Boston.

It wasn’t raining! And driving along Argyle Street in the afternoon I witnessed two chaps – one playing a saxophone and the other an accordion.

They were standing in their small front garden just having a really good time.

People were listening and watching and enjoying. Argyle Street was alive and buzzing and full of music.

Witham Park was lush. families were picnicking, children laughing and running and enjoying freedom.

A family group was strolling along making tiny wreaths of clover flowers.

I was amazed at the beautiful simplicity of their creations, and they kindly stopped to show how they make them – language no barrier to ingenuity.

A range of age groups and nationalities were making use of the equipment; tiny tots balancing along the ‘snake’, children and adults using the chin lift and monkey bars, others cycling, walking or running the circuit.

The diversity of culture was fabulous and added dimension to the day; happy memories.