Allowances are there to help anyone become a councillor

I WOULD be grateful if I could correct just two unfounded assumptions in Pat Brown’s letter last week. They raise some important, basic democratic principles.

I did vote to increase the £46 a week less income tax and National Insurance, which all 32 Boston borough councillors receive as a basic allowance. I voted for an increase recommended by the Independent Remuneration Panel, on the understanding that I would accept no increase whatsoever, as is my right.

Borough councillors should be drawn from all sections of Boston’s communities. Where are those councillors on a minimum wage; or shop workers; or part-time workers; or 25–45 years of age; or with young children, for example?

There are thousands of these and others in Boston borough. To help and encourage them to stand for the council they should not be asked to sacrifice their family, or lose income in the service of the community.

The desire to help the people of Boston is the main requirement.

I believe a shop worker can effectively represent constituents.

And a young or part-time worker, can be as important as a landowner, a millionaire, a property developer, a farmer, or a banker.

Coun Ray Newell

Boston Bypass Independents