Another view of Boston’s problems

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AFTER the recent report on the point of view concerning the dramatic change Boston has gone through regarding the amount of immigrants that have descended on our town, I’d like to offer another point of view.

Over the last 30 years – we have lost our cattle market, which brought in trade from the farmers in the region selling their live stock, whilst in the town they may have brought their families who would have done the weekly shop – spending money which may have stayed in their own local community!

Our dock has lost its appeal through two basic things:

One, ships have got larger and investment into our port has not been wisely spent. I remember working there, when the port bought secondhand cranes, but as repairs took place they found the operating gears, were no longer manufactured so the cranes that were bought sat rusting on waste land!

With its decline other businesses that supplied the dock with labour also went downhill - eventually disappearing completely.

Multi-national companies have requested to set up business here both retail and manufacturing of which required the use of our port, one being the Italian steel mill back in the late ‘80s. The councillors at the time held an investigation and had a visit to the sister mill in Italy (all expenses paid) but decided that our fishing fleet was more important than the resurrection of this town, even when the risk of pollution was minimal. Instead they refused the mill.

Now, the bypass or John Adams way; at the time John Adams way was to cost £10 million, the bypass £12 million!

My father worked for the council as a quantity surveyor (measuring roads and assessments). At the time of discussions he stated no bypass would be allowed because farmers would not release the land they owned to build it. Their reasons; we fear that if traffic went round the town our town would die! Mmmm, who wants to sit in a queue for over an hour to get from one side of town to the other? And with the parking charging being what they are, of cause our town is dieing!

The rents/rates on retail properties are nearly as expensive as in a city, which stops any idea of setting up a new business. Are you seeing a pattern here?

Look at where the problems started and who make the decisions - Joe Public doesn’t make the decisions and if we make complaints they don’t listen anyway, we only vote these idiots in!

Back to how our town has changed through mass immigration - they work in packhouses and in factories that are taking advantage of some of them. In my day you could earn a good living from working the land, now it’s not so easy. Employers don’t want to employ English – we know our rights etc and won’t put up with the Victorian class system that some factory owners seem to install in their staff.

Bypass will never happen now as the power shifted to Lincoln some years ago – hence why their getting a new £40 million bypass while this town dies.

So stop complaining about the non-existent bypass or the state of the town and move else where if you feel that way!

Concentrate your complaint at the local council and Westminster - they are the ones to blame about everything from you struggling to heat your home to not being able to run your car.


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