Appalling way to deal with difficulties

IN REPLY to the article in today’s Standard regarding campaigners planning to take to the streets of Boston to protest about the number of migrants who have moved into the town.

I think this is an appalling way forward to deal with the difficulties and pressures on health, education and social services in the area.

First of all, who are these folks who are organising such a campaign? In the main, I expect them not to be people who were born and bred in Boston.

I would love to carry out a survey to find our how many people from the south, north and west of England have moved into the Boston area within the last 10 years and ask them to meet up in the Market Square. I imagine it would be packed and overflowing. These people have often moved to Boston because they get great cheap housing with land, good schools and good health care.

A huge number have moved here because they have retired, bringing with them their health problems adding pressure to social services as well as the NHS.

The outpatient departments at Pilgrim Hospital is often filled with southerners and northerners mostly over 60 years old.

As I look out of my windows, I am surrounded by migrant workers in the fields doing long days work picking cabbages, sprouts and potatoes.

They are very hard working, considerate and very pleasant to talk to. They spend their money in our shops and contribute to the local economy by spending their hard earned cash in our pubs and restaurants...most of which would now be closed if it were not for the migrants.

I am tempted to get a campaign started to restrict the number of people moving into Boston from Essex, but can only imagine the reaction.


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