Appeal raised more than £27k

WE RAISED a massive £27,137.85 for the Poppy Appeal.

I really want to express my thanks to all who have helped to raise this fantastic amount, from the youngest toddler at nursery with his/her pennies to the veterans who stand for many, many hours in sometimes very draughty supermarkets and raise very large amounts, including all the shops, offices, pubs, clubs, schools, supermarkets, cadets, students, factories, businesses, individual collectors and also the people who have donated the money from birthday parties, coffee mornings and also charity runs.

Each and every one of them is vital for the work that the Royal British Legion does throughout the country helping all ex-servicemen/women. Whether they are from Afghanistan or Dunkirk, we are there to help.

If anyone wishes to donate to the Poppy Appeal please contact Sue Ransome at or 01205 311373.

Thank you.


Poppy Appeal Organiser