Are they so mean they begrudge us a small saving on parking fees?

THANK you for highlighting recent comments made by some of our elected councillors with regard to free parking for the disabled.

Coun Richmond’s claim about wealthy disability claimants being able to ‘afford’ to park and not discriminating against them by allowing free parking made me think!

Working for a minimum wage, I was fit enough to walk around town from shops to banks to leisure facilities as and when I wanted. I could also get onto a bus or into a taxi without a thought – except for how to pay for it.

A disabled person who qualifies for a free car tax disc (only issued on the award of the highest rate of Disability Living Allowance after a medical assessment by a DWP medical panel) is usually a long-term mobility impaired person who cannot walk more than 10-20 yards (if at all), they generally travel by wheelchair.

Try getting a wheelchair onto a local bus, no room, it is all taken up by mum’s with pushchairs and the taxis are not always available to take wheelchairs, what few there are, usually booked up for school runs and airport trips.

Financial inequality comments by councillors show little understanding of how the long-term severely disabled people live and even less for their needs and the extra expenses involved with being disabled.

Not for them the meals out, pints at the pub and social outings. Their cash goes on adaptations to the home, extra heating bills, help with the chores they cannot manage like garden maintenance.

Always watching every penny but needing a car to get them to the essentials in life already mentioned like shops and banks, etc.

Are Boston councillors (remind me again, what was the size of your allowance increase just after you were elected last year? 70 or 85 per cent was it?) so mean that they begrudge those once independent and proud taxpayers the small saving of their car parking fees?

Shame on Boston Borough Council, especially since council employees and our expenses paid councillors get free parking both during hours of work in the council offices and anywhere else they claim to be on council business.

You can do a lot of your own shopping and banking while parking freely in Fydell Crescent, George Street or West Street, if you are fit and earn a lot more than the minimum wage as a council employee, sorry, member of staff.


Granville Street