Are we getting in too deep with pool?

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REMEMBER the PRSA? They’ve done it again; can’t they ever learn!

What could turn out to be a very expensive venture has just been nodded through by your Conservative councillors without a single word of debate. When the pitfalls and difficulties were pointed out by opposition members at the recent ‘Call in’ one of the few comments from the Conservative councillors was ‘let’s carry on regardless!’.

We are all very anxious for the borough’s training pool to be opened again now that the main users have agreed to pay most of the capital and running costs. I do not doubt the good intentions of all parties involved in this new partnership namely, the Witham Schools Federation, the Boston Amateur Swimming Club and Boston Borough Council. However this was probably the case when the PRSA was launched.

History is potentially repeating itself with ill-thought arrangements that cannot be enforced legally and prepared in haste to gain public approval. A lack of detailed business plans, incomplete budgeting and the lack of a legal agreement could again cost the council tax payers a very significant sum of money.

Coun Richard Austin

Boston District Independents