Are we taking a step backwards with bags?

I TOTALLY agree with what is being said in this week’s Standard (17-08-11). I drove down Tytton Lane East on bin day and what a mess! Loads of recycling bags alongside the blue bins –are we going backwards?

I would not use the blue bin for garden/green waste as I do not have enough to put in it, but I do recycle as much plastic, paper etc as possible so my blue bin is usually nearly full by collection time.

I would have these unsightly full recycling bags in my garden looking a mess until collection day only to put them out on the pavement to look a mess.

If the time comes for this scheme to be put into practice I will have to put my ‘bags’ of recycling in the blue bin until collection day and either take my ‘small’ bag of grass cuttings to the tip or put the grass cuttings in the green bin as I do now. Fuel at the cost it is now I know what I will be doing.

Let’s have the choice of having a brown bin, small or large for garden/green waste if we want it.