Assembly Rooms actions show ‘arrogance’

Dear Editor

At next week’s Full Council meeting, our conservative councillors have to deal with two important issues. The first issue is why they decided to allow the sale of the Assembly Rooms to go through Cabinet without a call-in. This has resulted in an extraordinary meeting being called by opposition councillors as this is now the only way that all councillors can be fully engaged in this debate.

On the same evening prior to this extraordinary meeting, there is a normal council meeting which includes in its agenda, the housing strategy for the next four years. This will determine how the council develops a housing strategy in Boston. Importantly within this strategy will be the discussion regarding Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) and the proposed licensing of all HMOs similar to the scheme which operates in Oxford. Sadly within the housing strategy, there are no targets for future builds within our town. We are all aware of the predicted population growth in Boston and we have seen over the last few years a 15.7% increase in the population. If our town is going to develop in the way it should, it will need to have some ambitious targets for private and affordable housing.

Boston Labour Councillors believe that the issues of the sale of the Assembly Rooms, and the lack of targets for private and affordable housing in the future show that the present Tory administration have a sense of arrogance when running our civic affairs. Why do they not believe in democracy and allow all councillors to have a say on the sale of the Assembly Rooms? We are saddened by the lack of ambition that this Tory administration has to deal with the population change within Boston. When are the Boston Conservatives going to take their role of community leaders in a more enlightened way? Let’s hope on 24th September that our conservative councillors allow a free vote of all of their members on the issue of the sale of the Assembly Rooms and that they set ambitious targets in their housing strategy similar to other authorities across the country.

Boston Labour Councillors