Bad driving is cause of junction problems

RE YOUR front page story regarding the ‘death trap’ junction.

I use that junction every day and don’t find it hard to negotiate,

The problem with Boston is there are too many drivers with slow responses who drive like, pardon the expression, old farts, going at 28 to 30 mph in 50 mph zones, 40 in 60 mph zones.

These people are the ones who cause accidents not, as in your article, ‘boy racers’.

I would go as far as to say that Boston has some of the worst drivers I’ve ever come across. They indicate right and turn left or don’t indicate at all.

They pull out in front of you from side roads as if they are the only people on the road.

Very rarely have I seen anyone speeding at any great rate in this area.

The problem here is lack of attention, bad reflexes and outright bad driving. Improving the roads won’t solve the problem it’s the drivers who need improvement.

Y. Silveira

Old Leake