BBI take credit for the success of others

COUN Richard Austin and the Boston Bypass Independents should have nothing to be proud of concerning their four-year reign over Boston Borough Council.

They have however, assiduously sought to take credit for the successes of others. Four years ago they stood on one mandate and one mandate alone – the promise of delivering to the electorate the eagerly anticipated Boston bypass.

We should not forget it was Coun Austin and his supporters who scuttled the Southern Link Road and Dock Bridge by delaying matters to such an extent the East Midlands Development Agency deadline expired, the funds then being redirected elsewhere.

Had this not been the case the first steps to a distributor road, as promoted by the Conservatives and Lincolnshire County Council, from Skirbeck Road Corner round to the Boardsides and representing a route of one third of the way around Boston would by now have been completed.

Coun Austin also omits to mention he tried, albeit unsuccessfully, to hasten his ‘bypass’ cause by denying support for the Modas Town Centre re-development in West Street.

In the process Boston College lost a substantial grant of £30 million to re-develop the college on the back of the project.

We believe the people of Boston have the right to know the truth, which quite simply is that Coun Richard Austin has had his opportunity but sadly let it slip from his grasp.

Where others have been delivering consistently, the BBI very obviously have not.

The Conservatives Boston Borough Council