Be proud of Butterfly Hospice

FOR many years, several of the residents of New Bolingbroke have organised a yearly barbecue and raised many thousand pounds for local charities.

This year £2,400 was raised and donated to the Butterfly Hospice. I, among other committee members, were invited to visit the building. I was so impressed by the years of dedication of all the volunteers who so selflessly give so much time and effort on this project – they have all so much to be proud of.

The bright, cheery, well-equipped building, with so much thought spent to ensure every last moment of a person’s life is treated with tender loving care is heart warming.

The money we raised was hard-earned, but it is a drop in the ocean compared to what will be needed to keep this wonderful building operating and complete the extensions planed. Bostonians should be very proud of this facility, and do all they can to ensure it continues to function.


New Bolingbroke