Begrudging a free parking pass is sad state of affairs

Following on from recent correspondence re car parking fees for Blue Badge holders we read it is being proposed that they will now pay to park, where necessary, and get an extra half hour to allow them to return to their vehicle.

For some the latter may, to a certain extent, soften the blow while also appearing to be an attempt to gain brownie points but I think the former still seems harsh compared with councillors parking for free.

Payment for parking by all is not unknown.

However, according to Observer in his column recently, various towns and cities are reducing or doing away with parking charges but not Boston – except of course in the case of councillors and council staff.

Regarding C. Richmond’s letter of last week, I thought the idea was to comment on opinions wherever directed, if not how can he refer to a ‘debate’?

Also, I can only recall Coun Derek Richmond claiming discrimination, in earlier correspondence.

I made points of substance but C. Richmond chose to ignore them.

When trying to stand up for a cause or put forward a point surely it is only natural sometimes for one to give in to emotion.

As to his waffling on about ‘C’ before his surname not being an abbreviation of Councillor, why would we think that?

Oh yes, because there is a Councillor D. Richmond.

They both sing from the same song sheet.

If C. Richmond had a Blue Badge would he have refused free parking? If the fee is comparatively minuscule as he has previously quoted, then one might say, why the need for the Blue Badge holders to pay?

I have not said Blue Badge holders should, or should not pay but merely tried to point out why it is unfair for them to pay, especially those rightfully deserving of a Blue Badge.

Many others seem to have no difficulty in walking quite a distance as C. Richmond has remarked on previously.

As to my two generalisations, if in fact I did make any, I think most readers will realise that neither was intended.

I could be more explicit but there is now no need.

Incidentally, C. Richmond has, in a way, made a generalisation over the last few weeks, that all readers who submit letters to this newspaper are male, which to me speaks volumes!

Most of us do not like to lose out if there is something to be gained for free, but to begrudge those who qualify for free parking due to disability is to me a sad state of affairs particularly in this so-called caring society.

C. Rolfe

Via e-mail