Boston was not left out of the summary care drop-in sessions

I write in response to the recent letter from Alison Austin.

In support of the Summary Care Record, NHS Lincolnshire has run a large number of drop-in events in practices, towns and villages across Lincolnshire, including seven in Boston, which were held in April, May, October and November 2011 and were planned to coincide with the Boston practices’ participation in the Summary Care Record. Ninety five per cent of Lincolnshire people have now received their Summary Care Record letter.

When you receive your Summary Care Record letter depends on which practice you are registered with and the phase of the roll-out your practice is part of. Assuming that the practice Ms Austin is registered with was part of a later phase, she will have received her letter after the Boston events were held.

However, the letter sent as part of the latest phase does include details of 22 drop-in events, organised in support of those practices whose patients will have received their Summary Care Record letter most recently.

We hope that Ms Austin will feel able to attend one of these if she so wishes.


Lincolnshire Primary Care Trust