Call for another look at members’ attendance records

AS A former Boston borough councillor, I believe your article on the attendance records of members was highly misleading and completely lacking in context.

You crucially fail to mention that councillors are each allocated spaces on various committees and that they are only able to speak and vote on those to which they are elected. In other words, councillors can choose to sit in on other meetings; but they are unable to contribute to the debate. It is not difficult to understand why many councillors regard this as a waste of time.

Perhaps the rules need changing to encourage members to attend more meetings. Until then, I suggest The Standard should correctly compare individual councillors’ attendance against the number of committees they are elected to.


Former councillor for Pilgrim Ward (2009-11)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Last week’s report showed the councillors’ attendance records using the number they had attended compared to the number which they were due to attend, taking into account the committees on which they sit. This explains why each councillor has a different total figure of meetings that they could have attended. Therefore the attendance records were put into the context you suggest and were a true reflection of the record for each councillor.