Can you find home for 19th century Bible?

WHILE having my loft insulated recently I came across a Bible passed on to me by my step-father.

He died a while ago and left no children of his own.

I had completely forgotten the existence of this family Bible, but I do know that my step-father William Arthur Garfit had strong connections with the area of and around Boston.

However, I am now 90 years old myself and this book is of no use or interest to any of my family; my daughter obtained the address of your paper through the internet, so I wonder if you would publish details of this article in your paper to see if it is wanted by anyone.

The family Bible weighs approx 16lbs and measures 17ins x10 1/2ins x 4ins 1/2ins and is not in too good a condition.

Inscribed inside the Bible is:

“This Bible was given to Eliza Goose Taylor by her mother, July 26th 1877.”

The Bible was published by Thos. Kelly, 17 Paternoster Row, 1824.

The following names are also on the inside: William & Mary Baker of Frampton, Lincolnshire.

1. Alice Goose Baker

2. William Goose Baker

3. Peter Goose Baker

4. Emma Goose Baker

5. Eliza Goose Baker

6. Solomon Goose Baker

7. Mary Anne Goose Baker

8. Joseph John Twigg

The only means I have of getting this item to anyone would be to pack it and parcel it.