Canada sets example

AFTER being in Canada for just over five weeks on holiday having seen the amount of work done in the town centre, I think it would be a good idea to send the people from who are doing Boston town centre to Canada to show them how to get a job done.

I spent most of my time in Guelph Ontario. The local council took up and replaced a quarter-of-a-mile of road and footpath, all new pipes and cables in five weeks.

Traffic flows like a stream, no problems and there are hundreds of sets of traffic lights.

There are quite a lot of shopping malls, no parking problems and no parking fees either and the same old story no buses going through the shopping areas like we have here.

Reflecting back to nearly a year ago I asked a question what was going to happen to the York slabs outside Boots, also same question the bricks in the town centre.

I was told they would be recycled – all I can see is they are taken up and put in the lorry and taken away. They could have been saved and repaired the narrow part of Bargate.

Next, the buses into town on Wednesday and Saturday – how do the public get to Next and shopping precinct – walk.

Why not not let them terminate at Boots and stop them going through the precinct altogether?

I could carry on and just about write a book on the state of our town but it would only fall on deaf ears, but at least I can say I had my say thought it’s a waste of my time and energy.


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