Changes should halt Blue Badge abuse

Regarding Observer’s article (December 7) on parking rises in Boston, perhaps certain Blue Badge holders might not object to a parking fee, for a longer period, if they could actually take up a Blue Badge space!

How many times do you see holders in Blue Badge spaces actually using some sort of disability aid, or visibly showing real difficulty in walking?

Most appear to get out and walk away with no difficulty.

Understandably, there are unseen medical conditions, but surely not all cause mobility problems, which is what the Blue Badge is all about?

Some holders will use a Blue Badge space to get close to where they want to be, e.g. a supermarket, but then find no difficulty in walking all around these usually huge stores!

Others coming from the outer edges of the town, park in the car park first arrived at, ready for an easy exit, and then walk all the way into the Market Place, Strait Bargate and further.

Do these people warrant a Blue Badge?

There are certain criteria which automatically qualify people for a Blue Badge and also criteria for people who do not automatically qualify – and even from the latter it is sometimes difficult to understand how some people actually do qualify.

If Blue Badges are not issued to people who are not genuinely disabled and the genuine Blue Badge holders do have to pay a fee, preferably for a longer stay, even more income would be gained by the council.

Apparently from January 1, 2012, changes are to be made to the Blue Badge scheme, some of which will hopefully focus better on those for whom it was intended to benefit by targeting those who misuse and abuse it to the disadvantage of the genuine badge holders.

C. Rolfe

Via email