Charging disabled to park in town is unfair

WE ARE writing to you to let you know we are against car parking charges being introduced for the disabled in most Boston Borough Council car parks.

This would put the disabled community at a disadvantage.

It would be grossly inappropriate to introduce charges as they have a disability and as a result they are slower than others doing their shopping or attending medical appointments.

Thirty minutes free parking does not help.

The previous three hours free was in keeping with a disabled person’s requirements. Free street parking is not appropriate for those who are severely disabled.

It can be a very stressful experience for a disabled person to just leave their home, let alone carry out these tasks. The addition of parking charges would add to this stress which is unfair.

A person who is not disabled has the choice of:

1.Walking into town

2.Driving into Boston but parking out of town then walking in

3.Accessing public transport

All three examples mean they wouldn’t need to pay to park.

A disabled person is:

1.Unable to access public transport

2.Unable to park out of town and walk in

3.Unable to walk into town

Therefore they have no choice but to park near the shops for accessibility and pay to park, which on a reduced income they can’t afford.

Finally, the disabled community would be discouraged to shop in Boston town centre forcing them to prefer to shop where it is easily accessible with large disabled parking bays, right near the door and free such as supermarkets and other towns who have been wise enough not to impose this parking strategy on the disabled community.

Worse case scenario is you would be forcing them to be even more reclusive than they already are.

We would ask the council not to introduce charges because of these reasons.

We believe the Boston Borough Council have a duty to provide an accessible and inclusive town centre and Market Place.