Closing the path could lead to more garden vandalism

I DO object to the closure of the path into the playing field from Punchbowl Lane, Boston.

The people who use that short cut will not go round, down Langrick Road and Fenside Road to the Ingelow area - late at night some may have had too much to drink or been on drugs.

What they will do is break into Langrick Road gardens, go across Julians old waste yard, climb the fence into the playing field or through Sunningdale Drive gardens.

Will the decision-making cabinet take full responsibility and cost of any damage done?

Also what happens if somebody injures themselves by climbing over fences, hedges on a pitch black night?

Drug users openly use areas of drain bank to get their thrills and drunks use bars in town.

Perhaps if Mr and Mrs Nash were more tolerant to them they would leave the area.

The decision to close the path will affect every home in the area. Why not cut back the green vegetation, hedges etc and open it up so there is no place to hide.

The cabinet must take responsibility for damage to property and personal injury if they close this path and do not make alternative access.

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