Community should celebrate together

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WHERE has all the community spirit gone in our great town?

I have not heard of one street party planned for the Royal Wedding - instead all I read about in the local papers is rubbish being dumped in beauty spots and people’s lives being made a misery by anti-social behaviour right next door to their homes.

It’s about time we remembered the good things about our communities and I think the Royal Wedding is the perfect event to bring neighbours together.

I am lucky enough to remember the beautiful wedding of Charles and Diana - the whole country celebrated. But in those days we knew who our neighbours were and if we didn’t we knocked on their door and invited them to the street party anyway.

The streets were lined with tables, bunting hung from lamp posts and everyone joined in to celebrate.

It’s such a shame these traditions seem to be dying out. Now all young people are bothered about is celebrities and reality TV, rather than the positive role models which the Royal Family are.

Perhaps if some of these rubbish dumpers or anti-social people paid more attention to these kind of events they may decide to look after their surroundings better and respect their town and their community.

I, for one, will certainly be waving my Boston Standard flag for the monarchy come April 29.

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