Council decides leases will not need full council consideration

I WOULD love the people of Boston to be told more about the debate at council on March 2 on the future of our borough’s sports facilities.

However the Boston Bypass Independents turfed the press and public out of the meeting by using their very well drilled troops and in doing so laid a confidentiality requirement on all councillors.

Having taken advice, I find that I can reveal the BBI, again using there block voting technique, have decreed it is not necessary for full council to have sight of the required monitoring officer’s report on any new lease to new tenants of Peter Paine Sports centre.

Using the same block voting (there is no whipping in our party) BBI members also decided any new, as yet unsigned, leases entered into for our main sporting facilities would not need to be brought to full council for full consideration/comment.

I would in this letter like to commend the reporters who made a well reasoned plea at the meeting for more openness to be allowed on this agenda item because of public interest.

They had the support of all non-BBI councillors present at council.

Coun Richard Leggott

Independent Coun