Councillors’ allowances and attendance records make for interesting reading

THE Remuneration Panel agreed an increase in Boston councillors’ allowances of 28 per cent, the highest in Britain.

It is interesting to note that the independent panel, consisting of Stephen Emsley, Joe Nash and Brian Skinner, was appointed by councillors themselves which does make one ask just how ‘independent’ it was?

The council refused to tell me what qualifications these three men had although I understand they are paid about £100 a day while working. So far the council has not confirmed or denied this.

Did the rise indicate that the workload had increased by 28 per cent, the councillors had improved their efficiency by 28 per cent or was it the old ‘He’s getting more than me, so I want some more’?

When one also learns that some councillors don’t turn up for half their meetings (attendance allowance?) there is little wonder that people are losing what respect they have for the council.


Vauxhall Road, Boston