Councillors: ‘it’s time to show us your time sheet!’

ONCE again the time has come around for our local councillors to declare their hard-earned expenses.

They have declared war on litter louts – the town and surrounding areas have never been so filthy; a serious clampdown on illegal parking – because the job’s made a lot easier now we have only got one traffic warden - Granvile Street, Sydney Street, Witham Place (the list goes on) are a joke, even the emergency services are having problems getting down the streets.

Take West Street for instance, it’s a task in itself just to walk down there let alone drive, I’ve seen less cars on the M25!

Then last, but not least, the drinking in the streets and the anti-social behaviour sketch – there’s more drunks and yobs as there ever was.

My message to you councillors is this – we’ve seen your wage packet, now show us your time sheet.

I’ve come to the conclusion that there are two basic rules to being a councillor, you want to be at the front when there is a feast and at the back when there is a fight.