Councillors should be loyal to the people they serve, not a party

AT THE forthcoming election in May the people of Boston will have the simple choice.

They can elect a council ruled by Conservatives or one by independent councillors. The minor parties in Boston are unlikely to have enough support to form an administration.

As an independent I firmly believe that at local level all councillors should be independent of national politics.

National government is demanding frontline council services are both maintained and improved. At the same time they are cutting the grant payment to district councils by 28 per cent. It will be a big management challenge to minimise the impact on the council taxpayers of Boston.

Experience of managing difficult situations and problems is now more important than ever before.

I am pleased with good management and excellent staff cooperation, Boston borough can balance its budget without having to find big redundancy payments. As readers will be well aware, neighbouring councils ruled by national political parties cannot claim this achievement.

It illustrates the point that independents research issues carefully, speak up and vote freely for what is right for the people of Boston and the staff they employ. Parties like the Conservatives and Labour impose the will of a few leading councillors on their other members by using a party whip. This does not serve the people of Boston well.

The first loyalty of any councillor is to the people they represent, over and above party politics as dictated by central office.

Coun Richard Austin

Leader of the BBI