Councillors spend too much time squabbling

RE ARTICLE ‘Disgust’ as Guardian calls for defibrillator.

I see Couns Mike Gilbert and Raymond Singleton-McGuire are angry about an article in the national press describing Boston as a ‘handsome, historic market town that’s hit the ropes’.

Sorry to break it to you councillors but that sounds like a pretty fair description and I suppose that’s what you get when many of our councillors spend their time squabbling with each other instead of getting anything done.

Coun Gilbert claims the economy here is ‘robust, as evidenced by its ability to support a large influx of migrant workers’. I was amazed! What planet are these two on? It certainly isn’t planet reality, more like planet packhouse employer or planet housing landlord I guess?

Coun Gilbert would do well to pop into the Jobcentre and take a look at the numbers of people who are now surplus to the requirements of our local ‘robust’ labour market.

My husband has been lucky – he was only unemployed for two months before gaining employment this month. There are too many people chasing too few jobs in this town which means there is too much local potential languishing on the dole.

When these councillors checked out how their article looked in print last week, no doubt excited at the boost they think their defence of our town may give to their chances of re-election this May, did they spot the article below it? ‘Factory closure threat puts 116 jobs at risk’ – so much for a robust local economy – this says it all really doesn’t it!

Helen Sheridan-Shinn

Pen Sreet