Cut down on toxic fumes

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AS YOU see from the address I’ve left a large city, and by comparison, for a small fenland country town, even though local villages refer to Boston as a city, it is, by village and hamlet sizes.

What brought on this letter was coming into the area by the windmill, and it was remarked upon by passengers and myself ‘what a lot of cars, it must be market day’.

Yet, what we saw was what should have been and probably was, public gardens with a small cenotaph. That is still there.

The car and other vehicle-glut, appears to continue unabated. Although the toxic gases from engine and exhaust are as poisonous as ever.

We did, after much effort get the clean air act on, but why not extend vehicle-free zones to take up the crippling imbalance?

Surely a fenland healthy place, the capital of South Lincs and world famous, can weigh-in with some help to keep healthy and lower the global-warming threat.

Not too hard.

Let’s get started.