Cyclists and pedestrians do not mix!

ON THURSDAY, March 18, my wife and I were walking home from visiting a friend.

We are both blind, use a white cane and were walking along Marsh Lane at about 4.35pm when a lady came towards us riding her bike on the pavement.

The first we knew of his was when she caught my arm with what I assume was the handlebar.

She said sorry and we pointed out to her that she should not ride on the pavement.

She then got back on her bike and yes, you’ve guessed it, she rode off still on the pavement.

There was no point in us contacting police as we could not have described her anyway.

This is one of the hazards which we have to face when authorities decided to put cycle paths and pedestrian footpaths together.

People become confused and they think they can ride their bikes anywhere.

Please think again.

R A Fixter

Marsh Avenue