Do not promise what you cannot deliver

Regarding the letter published in Boston Standard (November 24) on behalf of Coun Raymond Newell.

First question: Which side is he batting for, Boston Bypass Independent (BBI) or Independent?

As we all remember Coun Newell and his party were elected on a promise to bring a bypass for Boston.

This is something you were all adamant you could do, so what happened?

We have waited nearly four years, is it on the horizon?

Let’s talk about what you have done for Boston over the past four years - and it doesn’t take a brainstorming session to answer that one, does it?

I think anyone with any sense can come up with ‘nil’; all your claims over the past years were in the pipeline before you took office.

There has been no big deal for Boston since you took over from a group of dedicated councillors, of all parties, who I had the privilege of working with.

Is my imagination running away with me or are you about to drop your BBI membership and become an Independent?

But then again, I think you joined that party when you became a county councillor so have you two hats or do you come down on whatever side suits you at the time?

Local elections are looming and what will you and your party promise this time, taking into account whatever you choose to call yourselves.

You must not promise anything you cannot deliver.



Former leader Boston Borough Council.