Do not undermine an excellent bus service

MOUNTAINS are being made out of molehills.

I cannot understand the desperate attempts made to undermine the excellent town bus services that we have.

The ‘damage’ in Strait Bargate is slight and easily remedied.

The safety issues are neglible especially when compared with crossing the Market Place on foot!

The buses move slowly with an audible warning and are driven by PCV drivers who have to achieve higher standards than most car drivers.

They are also accountable to the Traffic Commission.

Most of the decriers seem to be from areas not served by the town service. The buses seem to be well used by those who can.

If Strait Bargate was not used then more traffic would clog up John Adams Way and it would be very difficult to maintain time-table times.

If the service should ever be lost then there would be increased car usage causing more road congestion and town centre parking difficulties, quite apart from the loss of a valuable service.

Mr C. A. E. Spriggs

Witham Bank West