doctor’s insights on dementia could not be further from truth

I READ the article by Dr Lowe regarding memory loss and dementia, and feel that this article is insulting and condescending to dementia sufferers and their families and carers.

How do I know?

Because my mum suffered from vascular dementia which took her from being a proud and articulate lady to somebody we hardly knew, and what he has tried to illustrate as an hour in the life of a dementia sufferer is nothing short of pathetic and could not be further from the truth.

In my family’s experience, it was not the GP who provided the support, but the Alzheimer’s Society and the community psychiatric nurses, who were the lifeline to helping my dad care for mum at home.

Many a night I had a desperate phone call from my dad asking for help because he was exhausted and unable to cope without sleep with Mum getting in and out of bed all night, going downstairs to do toast and leaving the grill on, leaving the taps running and all the house lights on and then going back upstairs and getting dressed, although it was only 2am.

I understand Dr Lowe is attempting to raise awareness about memory problems, but do us a favour and stick to the facts and don’t try to imagine what it’s like to live with dementia or a dementia sufferer, because clearly you have no idea.

I actually thought he was trying to be funny in his opening paragraphs.