Does reporter Andy ring a Bell?

I WONDER if any of your readers are in contact with Andy Bell.

Andy was a young journalist working for The Standard in the 1960s.

He did a special page for us teenagers, reassuring us that the swinging ‘60s were not passing us by!

Andy was also a musician with a band called The Red Squares that regularly played The Gliderdrome. I saw them do a support act to PJ Proby there one night.

Later (but still in the 1960s) I met Andy in London. He was trying to make it as a poet, and rubbing shoulders with the likes of Brian Patten and the other Liverpool poets.

Andy was a handsome and charismatic fellow and I’d love to meet him again - where are they now?

I wonder if you have any of his old articles on file, or if any of his old readers can remember Andy’s page in the Boston Standard - 1963-4 ....would that be?