Don’t confuse the mayor’s role

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DEAR Mr or Ms Anonymous Observer.

You have got it wrong, yet again! ‘The bottom of the signs dotted about the town’ do not proclaim ’alcohol free zone’.

You, like many others, wrongly believe that a DPPO creates a legal ban on, or prohibition of, alcohol.

It only gives a police officer additional discretionary powers.

You continue to confuse the role of a directly elected mayor. But this time with that of a chief executive.

For example, a directly elected mayor cannot be head of ‘paid services’ or direct any member of staff.

To return to the need for openness and transparency in a democracy, I have no desire to influence what you write – only to correct it – which is proving to be a bit tiresome.

I have claims to being a Bostonian.

In my youth I never lived more than 10 miles from Boston’s town centre. I worked and lived in Boston for many years.

I married a Bostonian and my first child was born in Boston.

I was a backbencher on Boston Borough Council for four years.

I proudly represented Fenside ward. I attempted to get the DPPO area extended. I ensured that the CCTV cameras covered more of my ward.

Not only did I contribute – but with my husband and grandchildren, regularly took part in the Big Boston Clean-up.

I do know that several years ago Boston Standard had a named, and well known columnist.


BDI (‘Beady Eye’) member