‘Don’t expect us to clear up after you’

THANK you to the eight people who spent two hours in the High Street/London Road area picking up other peoples’ litter.

They freely and cheerfully gave of their time to make the area look cleaner and tidier. People stopped and chatted to them and even asked if they could put litter in the bags and thanked them for the service being provided.

It was a pleasant way to spend a sunny morning but I am sure we all had better things to do than pick up litter that not one of us had actually dropped!

Little of it was too big to put in a pocket until a bin was found, much of it was cigarette ends but there were also 20 plastic cider bottles and 301 cans.

I am delighted to say that the cans were collected separately and will go to support the charity Headway Lincolnshire, so I am sure everyone who dropped a can in the area will feel very pleased with themselves to have supported such a worthwhile cause but please, find another way to support the charity and don’t expect us to clear up after you.

We also cleared up some areas where fly-tipping had occurred – remember if you are caught fly-tipping, and that includes TVs left out on the street and beds near the old toilet block, you will be fined.

I am delighted to see that, at last, Boston Borough Council is clamping down on those who litter our streets – long may their vigilance continue and then, maybe we won’t have to spend our time cleaning up after those of you who cannot be bothered to use a bin.

If being a good citizen, having manners and taking responsibility can’t persuade you, then maybe a hefty fine will!


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