Don’t flush view of rest down the loo

BOSTON Labour councillors read the following story with interest.

Public toilets in the Cornish seaside town of St Ives, which are under threat because of budget cuts, must be kept open, its mayor has said.

St Ives Town Council said reduced funding from Cornwall Council would only be enough to keep half its 12 conveniences running.

The town’s mayor said the toilets were vital, so alternative ways had to be found to pay for them.

Cornwall Council said less government funding had ‘forced’ it to make cuts.

It currently costs about £160,000 a year to keep the public toilets in St Ives clean and maintained, but from the end of 2012, the town council will only receive £75,000 for their upkeep.

The mayor said that St Ives was totally dependent on tourism and had to provide facilities for people.

Boston Labour councillors thinks the difference between the story above and our predicament is that our cabinet and our mayor decided to stop any debate and just go straight to the decision to close our toilets in our Market Place.

We have the same passion as the mayor of St Ives, as we believe that toilets are key to the success of our new Market Place, which will assist with tourism to our historic town, and we are amazed that after spending £2 million on refurbishing our new Market Place, the first things to be closed are our toilets.

This just shows the contempt that the Tory cabinet has for members of the council and the people of Boston.

Unfortunately, they refused to allow it to go to call in, which has meant we have had no proper scrutiny, and which denied councillors who work the opportunity to be involved in the debate.

This is Tory democracy at its best again, and localism goes down the pan!