Dutch amateur historian issues plea for pictures from people in Boston


Amateur historian Martijn Cornelissen, from Holland, has issued an appeal to readers in Boston to help him with photos. Here’s his letter...

I am an amateur historian (43 years) of the Battle of Arnhem 1944 and I live in Apeldoorn Holland.

Through my years of research I found out so much info (stories from the veterans) about the 1 Airlanding Light Regiment RA that I wrote a manuscript with two friends.

The 1 Airlanding Light Regiment was based in Boston during the war and it was a good time there for the young soldiers. This has been covered in the book.

We are now looking for photographs for the book but we don’t have many of life in Boston. Is it possible that you can help me with this?

The book will be non profit and it covers the building of the regiment till its end in 1945. So if there is anybody living in Boston who has recollection and/or photos about the Boston Airlanding Artillery boys I would love to hear and see.

Martijn Cornelissen

Apeldoorn, Holland