Electorate are fed up with so-called transparency

AFTER attending the recent budget meeting at Boston Borough Council on Wednesday evening, I’m astounded at the way members of the public were treated, and even members of the press.

We all know the council were to vote on cuts, that is inevitable, but when you are asked to leave because they wanted to discuss things, ie leisure strategy, service community awards, and management structure, it is no wonder the Boston Bypass Independents and local Tory group are out of favour with the electorate.

I was so dumbstruck when a reporter asked if he could speak to ask the councillors to consider whether discussing this issue behind closed doors was in the public interest as under the Freedom of Information Act anyone could request this information.

The Mayor then said the press were out of order!

I’m sorry – out of order? This is the so-called transparency we are hearing so much about. Apart from Couns Brian Rush and Richard Leggott not one councillor had the nerve to back the press and public.

This is why the electorate is so fed up with the BBI and Tories, and come May 5, I’m sure we will see the BBI sent packing...

Mike Sheridan-Shinn