Excessive secrecy breeds suspicion

OBSERVING last Wednesday’s meeting of Boston Borough Council I was saddened that no councillor spoke against the cuts imposed on local organisations.

Cuts, which when added to the wounds inflicted by Government and Lincolnshire County Council, will drain the very lifeblood from the voluntary sector and will stop the heart of our community beating.

I was then astounded by the actions of the council in excluding the public from the meeting.

Before a council excludes the public, the reasons why should be made clear and the council should consider whether the public interest supersedes their powers to exclude letting the public remain.

Instead what happened was the chairman Mayor of Boston Coun Peter Jordan mumbled the incantation to exclude the public.

The Mayor deliberately ignored attempts of the Standard reporter present to question these actions, and without discussion the exclusion was rubber stamped.

Finally when one of the reporters politely managed to challenge this, the Mayor, now well ‘off script’, totally failed to understand the points being made and did nothing to remedy the matter.

The officers in a panic rallied round and we as the public were excluded.

The council should always consider how their behaviour looks to the public looking in on their actions.

As such a member of the public, their actions looked to me suspicious, it looked like the council and their officers had something to hide.

That may well not be the case, but this excessive secrecy and the general air of amateur incompetence breeds such suspicions.

Paul Gleeson

Church Road