Faith restored in my fellow citizens

LIKE so many others of my generation, I’ve become a bit cynical. There seems to be a growing realisation that the normal courtesies and considerations towards our fellow citizens that used to make life that little bit more rewarding, are very much out of sync with our present ‘me first’ society. Give up your bus seat for a pregnant woman? ‘Not likely, I’ve paid for my ticket!’ Hold the door open for a lady, ‘Thanks, but with no thanks!’

However, a recent experience proved that for once, another person’s actions reminded me that some of our citizens still uphold those old fashioned values.

Last Thursday I lost my mobile phone. I won’t be the first and I’m sure I won’t be the last. But after fruitlessly searching, backtracking and all the usual things, I realised that my trusty phone had moved on to pastures new. My wife sent a text to the number, requesting that if anyone found the phone, to call us on our land line number. A few days later, with no success, I assumed that whoever found it would think it their lucky day. Probably to be flogged off in the pub for a tenner. And then, on Wednesday evening I received a call from Barry Arnold.

Barry had found my trusty mobile and would I like to collect? I couldn’t believe my luck. Barry explained the circumstances of how he’d found the phone, and no he didn’t want a reward.

So I’m now reunited with my phone, a lesson learnt, and thanks to Barry, a little faith in my fellow citizens restored.

Now, all I need is for a lady to say ‘thank you’ after holding open the door for her!