Farcical situation with town parking

Nearly three years ago the narrow one-way section of Wide Bargate was assigned to the bus route, ‘No Entry’ signs stating bus, loading and access to premises only were erected.

The council, be it Boston or Lincoln, has failed to have the correct road markings put on the street, hence it has turned into a rat run and all-day free parking.

Workers are leaving their cars where double yellows are broken and in loading bays going to work all day.

Police therefore are powerless to enforce the rules.

At the start of this fiasco we were told our disabled customers would on no account, be allowed to leave their cars on the street as spaces are available on the car park opposite.

I sympathise with the disabled people – but, on Wednesday they abandon cars for three hours.

This, as usual, is another farce created by the council and not followed through.


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