Fly-tippers strike at river bank

Fly-tippers strike at river bank
Fly-tippers strike at river bank

WE FREQUENTLY walk our two dogs along the river bank which runs adjacent to Langrick Road. We meet other dog walkers and families who also enjoy walking with their young children.

As we walk, we frequently pick up litter as we go and always pick up after our dogs.

I know many dog walking friends also pick up these additional items to help keep the area clean. Most of us take a huge pride in our environment.

The photograph printed is what we came across on the evening of Saturday, April 9.

At first we assumed it was ‘fly-tipping litter louts’, but as our dogs stumbled over the broken barbed wire fencing we wondered if this was an attempt to keep us all off the main area of grass, where the cricket pitches are situated?

Thank goodness our dogs have thick fur; a child would not have been so fortunate.

This pile of rubbish was a total eyesore and I assume it was left by someone who must be very short-sighted.

Or maybe the river bank provides a convenient place for people to dispose of their unwanted rubbish.

Mrs J Kay

Punchbowl Lane