Follow water authority’s lead and start building for future

I MUST congratulate Anglian Water for being the organisation to start work on building the infrastructure to meet the needs of the 12,000 growth in Boston’s population.

The Office for National Statistics predicts that Boston’s population will rise by 12,000 in the next eight years.

Anglian Water is spending £40 million laying a new pipe line from the Louth area to Boston, to meet this need.

Bostonians will not die of thirst.

But other public services and organisations at national, regional and local level, have not laid a brick, or turned a sod.

Indeed, they do not even have plans in place to cater for Boston’s 12,000 new residents!

Twelve thousand is slightly more than the present population of Mablethorpe or 80 per cent of that of Sleaford.

Imagine picking up that population, completed with all their infrastructure, roads, houses, businesses, schools, and placing them in Boston - within the next eight years!

Sleaford’s £200 million link road, Mablethorpe’s £50 million Lindum development, yet alone Lincoln’s Eastern bypass and Grantham’s £30 million for their bypass, are all understandably envied.

That is because the size and extent of the problem of Boston’s 12,000 population increase is being ignored.

Unlike the water, few resources are flowing in Boston’s direction.

Rather strangely, enormous amounts of non-salt water are discharged from Boston’s Haven river into the North Sea.

The Environment Agency has given me the figures under the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 (EIR). They estimate that approximately 500,000 million litres of water per year are discharged into the sea from Boston.

If just a small percentage of that figure, was placed in a reservoir, on inferior agricultural land outside Boston, it would supply not just Boston, but areas beyond, with water for many years to come.


Independent Lincolnshire County Council