Give graffiti artists somewhere to go

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I TOO have seen the so-called art in Boston and also at Garfit’s Lane playing field.

I do not agree with the mess they are making all over town but some of it is actual art and quite nice to look at.

Given that there is nowhere for youngsters of today to practise this kind of art why doesn’t the council or someone give the youngsters a large wall to play with and create this sort of art in town but in a specific place?

I know a lot of the artists think it is fun to show where they have been and display their talent but if there was a large area they could use perhaps they wouldn’t feel the need to look for walls to paint.

I know if it were my son wanting to learn to create art like this I wouldn’t want to discourage him but encourage him but in a positive way.

As long as the youngsters were made to clean-up the special area and then they could repaint it white and start all over again.

Perhaps if they were allowed to have their say in what was needed and felt people were helping them instead of being against them this problem could be easily sorted.

I don’t dislike the art, just where it is they are doing it.

With hardly any youth groups about perhaps this could be a good thing for the younger members of Boston to get involved in.

I am sure the older generation will be aghast at my suggestion but surely it is better to try to contain this sort of art than have it all over town and just looking an eyesore.

There must be a place for this which the youngsters would appreciate.


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