Grateful for help from our Euro MP

THE Boston Fishermen’s Association would like to say a grateful thank you to Derek Clark, the UK Independence Party Member of European Parliament for East Midlands, for all his help in assisting the Boston fishermen in their quest to be able to return to work.

Mr Clark has worked tirelessly on our behalf, writing letters, gaining information and attending meetings in his bid to help us in whatever way he is able as we continue to battle the red tape and bureaucracy which time and again prevents us from earning a living from the sea.

At a time when people constantly complain about the lack of interest our MPs show in the real issues affecting the day to day lives of people, it is a real pleasure to meet a gentleman who is prepared to put himself out and ‘put his money where his mouth is’ to actually help the people he was elected to represent.

KEN BAGLEY, Chairman Boston Fishermen’s Association