Great surprise to see Boston on national TV

I AM writing this letter as I got such a surprise this morning while watching BBC News to see the Stump on the telly.

I said ‘that’s the Stump at Boston’ before they showed you (the editor) with a copy of your newspaper.

This was of great interest to me as I am 85 years old now and in 1943-45 I was a student nurse at BGH (hospital) at South End. I know it is gone now and the Pilgrim replaced it.

Boston was such a lovely town and although I can’t travel these days I still have a friend there. I met his mother when I was working in maternity. She had her daughter Valarie - both have since died and the dad died a few months ago. So now I keep in touch with their son Alan who lives at Hubberts Bridge.

I worked too at the Isolation Hospital at Fishtoft and I have a letter I received from the town clerk and it had a cheque for £5 for the extra work during the 1947 very bad winter.

I would love a book about Boston if there is such a thing, I can pay for it.

So I’ll close now with fond regards to Boston.


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