Greyhounds need homes

LINCOLNSHIRE Greyhound Trust (LGT) is a local independent registered charity which re-homes retired racing greyhounds into homes as pets when they have finished racing. We have two kennels in Lincolnshire, one of which is just outside Boston.

We work hard to provide support and back-up to owners who take dogs from us. In 2010 we successfully re-homed 123 greyhounds and have already found homes for 28 greyhounds this year. Since we set up in 1998 we have found homes for 917 different dogs.

With national pet month coming up and with finances so important to people at the moment LGT has made a decision to reduce the minimum donation required for people taking on male greyhounds from £100 to £50 on a trial basis until the end of May.

It costs us less to prepare a male for re-homing and we currently have considerably more males in our care than females so we are making this offer in order to get prospective owners to consider male dogs. We are still looking for responsible long-term homes and all possible owners will be visited.

Greyhounds make great pets and there is no difference in general between males and females. They are an incredibly lazy tolerant breed who need less exercise than nearly any other.

For this reason we can re-home to the elderly as greyhounds are a low maintenance, easy care dog. We can re-home to people with children as they are a very tolerant breed. We can re-home to people who work full-time, providing they can split the day, as they will sleep most of the time people are out and we can re-home to people with cats as three out of 10 of our greyhounds pass their ‘cat test’.

If anyone would like know more about LGT or greyhounds in general then they can contact us on 01522 569825 or 0794 131 3025 or check out our website at


LGT chairman