‘Gross exaggeration’ of ‘road rage capital of Europe’ claim

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THERE’S a gross exaggeration of facts when Couns Gerry Clare and Graham Dovey say the A16 Spilsby Road, Freiston Road and Willoughby Road junction is considered to be the road rage capital of Europe and a death trap.

I agree the junction can be a dangerous one, as my husband has experienced - he uses Willoughby Road every day.

However in the 30 years living in this area we know of only one bad accident - one too many we know.

We presume a one-way system will be for traffic to travel up Willoughby Road, turn right at Hospital Lane and exit onto Spilsby Road. This exit is also a dangerous and awkward junction.

Will traffic lights be installed there or a roundabout made at this exit? Although not the issue involved here it’s worth mentioning.

Despite Willoughby Road being very narrow, the traffic flow works well. There seems to be, on the whole, a good courtesy code among the car drivers.

Betty Padgett

Burleigh Gardens